Google Sync Works Great. Thank You Microsoft.

Google Sync Works Great. Thank You Microsoft.

microsoft-logoWe announced yesterday the arrival of Google Sync for the iPhone and Windows Mobile, and we announce today – with great glee – that it works swimmingly (albeit with a few known issues).

However, with surprise, it is with great thanks to Microsoft’s work, Google’s money and a patent licence that we have this available to us – working near perfectly.

Microsoft recently announced an expansion of its Exchange ActiveSync Licensing Program. The licensees include Apple, Nokia, Palm, Samsung and clearly now Google.

Horacio Gutierrez of Microsoft says:

“Google’s licensing of these Microsoft patents relating to the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync protocol is a clear acknowledgment of the innovation taking place at Microsoft. This agreement is also a great example of Microsoft’ s openness to generally license our patents under fair and reasonable terms so long as licensees respect Microsoft intellectual property. This open approach has been part of Microsoft’s IP licensing policy since 2003 and has resulted in over 500 licensing agreements of the last five years.”

One frustration, which has been duly noted, is that a number of business customers aren’t able to use both Google Sync as well as their business sync up. Hopefully Microsoft will continue to improve on the exchange service enabling syncing to two exchange servers soon.

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