Zemanta Now Makes Your Emails More Interesting

Zemanta Now Makes Your Emails More Interesting

zemanta-logoZemanta is a tool which makes writing blog posts easier and more media rich.

If you were writing a blog post about Bill Gates for example and were now ready to have a search for other related material from across the web as well as any worthwhile images or video – well Zemanta is there to help. The tool comes in the form of a Firefox extension and it’s latest release sees integration with GMail and Yahoo Mail, with the aim to make your emails equally as interesting.

Simply write your email as normal and once you’re done, click “add Zemanta” which will then reveal a sidebar full of relevant links, images and content. Zemanta is no slouch either, this whole process takes a matter of seconds for a reasonably long email.

Zemanta, initially a Slovenia based startup, was one of six winners selected in 2007 via Seedcamp (an incubator of sorts) . Since then, the company has set up shop in London gaining funding to the tune of $1.5 million from The Accelerator Group

Interested in seeing how the Gmail/YahooMail integration works? Have a watch of the videos below:


Zemanta on Gmail from zemanta on Vimeo.

Zemanta on Yahoo! Mail from zemanta on Vimeo.

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