Add-Art: Like Ad-Block but Replacing Ads with Art!

Add-Art: Like Ad-Block but Replacing Ads with Art!

addart-demoIt’s always baffled me when bloggers would promote/mention tools which would assist with blocking advertising (our lifeblood). What I know now is Adblock/Adblock plus has over 41 million downloads since Jan 17 2006 with over 7 million daily users, there’s no hiding it – if you’re going to use it then you’re going to do it – so on that note, let me introduce you to Add-Art.

Add-Art is an interesting twist on the Ad-Block Firefox extension, however instead of simply blocking ads, it replaces them with – you guessed it – art! 

Developed by the Eyebeam Development Site, the project will promote 5-8 different artists changing every 2 weeks. Artists can target sites (if they choose to) or just have their art placed on any site across the web. I’m trying to find out exactly how artists can get involved and will update this post as soon as I know.

To install, follow the instructions here.

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