Tsavo Acquires Recipe Sharing Site ‘Open Source Food’

Tsavo Acquires Recipe Sharing Site ‘Open Source Food’

picture-15Tsavo, a company founded by userplane creator Michael Jones, has made another acquisition today acquiring Open Source Food, a recipe sharing site which was recently named in Time Magazine’s 50 Best Websites of 2008.

Open Source Food is a creation of Tokyo-based web entrepreneur and developer Jon Anthony ‘Yongfook’ Cockle, who launched the site on a meager $10k in 2007. It marks a great 2008 for Yongfook who also saw the launch of open source lifestream service Sweetcron to much fanfare.


Open Source Food will immediately be renamed NibbleDish (which it already redirects to) and will add to Tsavo’s other content oriented sites. Tsavo has previously acquired SEO and PPC firm Better Inc.

No figure has officially been announced for the acquisition.

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