Hermione Way + Boris @ The Next Web Conference

Hermione Way + Boris @ The Next Web Conference

This post is part of a series of an informative posts about The Next Web Conference. The conference will be held on April 15, 16 and 17 in Amsterdam. 900 web influentials get together to do business, to be inspired and to have fun. Feel free to skip this post if you’re not interested.

hermione_and_borisI am excited to be able to announce today that Hermione Way and I will be presenting The Next Web Conference 2009 together.

Hermione Way is the founder of Newspepper, a new media company, and Techfluff.tv. Every week she delivers UK Internet culture news with a wink and delves deep into the world of web-celebrities and tech startups, particularly the London scene right now, but increasingly across Europe.

More importantly; Hermione can walk on her hands and her favorite animals are Chickens. Combine that with my ability to juggle 7 balls and ride an unicycle and you will understand that this years conference will be, ahem, different. 

Although more than 50% of our audience at the conference is NOT from the Netherlands Hermione has decided to learn Dutch just for the conference. She is making amazing progress as you can see in this weeks edition of Techfluff:


If you want to learn a few words yourself so you can talk to the locals here this might be a good starting point:


More information about Hermione and me: http://2009.thenextweb.com.
Don’t forget to buy your early bird tickets while you are there.

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