Three cool services you should try out as a Twitter fan

Three cool services you should try out as a Twitter fan

Twitter services seem to pop up on a daily basis now. There are so many of them there. There are websites thriving on just keeping up a list of Twitter services. Go figure. This week we learned of three services that were more than just a little amusing. Check em out and let us know which one we missed:


140it shrinks your Twitter messages down to 140 characters by:

  • Reducing words, removing extra spaces
  • Shrinking URL’s with
  • Exchanging company names with their StockTwits symbol

It also provides you with a ‘click and drag’ button for your browser toolbar, so that you can shrink your tweets directly from Twitter

Twitter Mosaic

Twitter Mosaic generates a mosaic of your Twitter Followers,

You can create your own Mosaic here


TwitterSheep creates a colorful tag cloud of the bio profiles of your followers. You can also enter search terms to see a word cloud of what people are talking about. This is a word cloud generated for the search term ‘the next web’.


Oh yes, you can even tweet your search :)

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