9.9 percent of all people on the web use a Mac now…

9.9 percent of all people on the web use a Mac now…
In 1997 Apple’s website was hacked for a few hours displaying this, uhm, work of art.

Or 9.93% to be exact. All according to research firm Market Share. Last year the same research estimated the Apple share of the market at 7.57 percent. Not bad in todays economy.

And it isn’t just Macs that are increasingly used to browse the web. The iPhone has seen a rise in numbers too from 0.44% to 0.48%. Apple’s Safari browser is now used by 8.29% of all web surfers.

During that same period the share of Windows-based Web connections actually shrunk. Microsoft has ‘only’ 88.26 percent of the market and has lost 0.42$ in one month.

I decided to take another good look at our own stats and display them here.

As you can see we are way beyond the curve here at The Next Web Blog as more than 21% of you use a mac! Pretty cool!


72.8 %  


21.7 %  


3.1 %  


2.4 %  

Could it be the constant Windows bashing and Mac adoration we show here? Nah, we try to stay well balanced when it comes to THAT fight.

Interestingly enough our stats also show several visits from consoles. In January we had 30 people visiting us using their PlayStation 3, 13 used their Nintendo Wii and 3 read our stories on their PlayStation Portable. Could those users please let us know how the experience is on one of the consoles?

I am also very glad that we went to the trouble of optimizing our blog to be used with the iPhone. In January 2,488 unique visitors used the iPhone to access our blog. But we have more!

iPod = 501 unique visitors
Android = 82 unique visitors
Blackberry = 16 unique visitors
Windows CE = 9 unique visitors
Palm = 8 unique visitors

Welcome everybody! What is the strangest device YOU ever used to read this blog?

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