Final Countdown After 12 Months of Geeky Rock ‘n’ Roll

Final Countdown After 12 Months of Geeky Rock ‘n’ Roll


This is my last day at The Next Web office, so I guess it’s time for a goodbye post. You know what, after co-editor Boris called me an unfaithful schmuck and a loser, I didn’t even feel like writing this post. But then again, Patrick, Arjen and he dragged me into so many adventures 2.0 last year – I simply can’t leave angry. So I’ve put an arm around Boris’ shoulder, pored us a cup of tea, turned on Europe’s final countdown, and went through the memories of…

  • crashing the pool of our corporate hotel in San Francisco at 3am after a Digg Party at the Mighty, San Francisco. Due to the steam, cold water, alcohol in our vains, and the bright lights – security never looked that scary. iJustine looked lovely that night.
  • crashing a Reddit party which was going on next to the place Arjen got a new haircut (again San Francisco, one month later). After five Reddit-sponsored drinks, iJustine looked even lovelier
  • crashing the wifi over every noteworthy web conference out there by liveblogging our asses off. The last time was at Le Web 2008. While everybody was complaining about the wifi, Boris and I skipped lunch and published sixteen posts
  • crashing the highways of Europe with the open office road trip. Patrick, Arjen, Boris and I visited Geneva, Paris, Brussels, Gent, and London to spread the Next Web love
  • crashing the mornings of innocent pedestrians who saw a bunch of guys in white suits strolling on the streets over every city that was the scene of web conferences
  • crashing my white suit during Bowlr last night with a red pen. That’s how The Next Web promotion started three years ago in New York, and I felt honored to keep that tradition alive.


And the best thing is, apart from this geeky rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle, that I’ve learned so much from the three Next Web founders. They all have their own specialty and taught me a whole lot about PR, creative thinking, networking, productivity… and yeah… partying. With a fun office as a safe haven – thanks Wakoopa and Twones -, I had the time of my life. And it’s only because I’ve already showed you a pic of Europe, but otherwise I would have put up a picture of Dirty Dancing here.

You know what, screw it. I’ll do it anyway. It’s my last day for crying out loud. Eat this, you great bunch of readers with interesting comments and superb support:


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