FarAwayFish – Send Messages From The Grave

FarAwayFish – Send Messages From The Grave

picture-84Here’s an interesting little startup to ponder over the weekend – FarAwayFish. For £20/year the site aims to let people send post-dated emails and SMS messages to close friends and family, giving them access to a social network profile after you’ve kicked the bucket.

Funded by a former Virgin Group market, Nick Annets, the site offers a profile which no one will have access to until you’ve croaked. As paidContent points out, Annets may have discovered a fascinating and lucrative business model where the longer members live the more they pay! Interestingly, family and friends can maintain the profile after the loved ones death by paying just £10 a year – kind of them…

It’s always a fine line to tread when mixing death with your new startup but from an outsiders point of view, it’s always a fascinating process to watch. Lets hope this one survives.

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