A New Way To Get Stories onto Techmeme. Tweet them.

A New Way To Get Stories onto Techmeme. Tweet them.

Techmeme, a site which uses both an algorithm and human editing to aggregate the best technology news and discussion from across the web have introduced a rather simple yet innovative way to find new stories. 

To suggest a story to Techmeme simply send them a tweet in the following format “Tip @Techmeme” or “Tip @TechmemeFH” and yes you are able to suggest your own stories however you are instructed to do so “rarely”. Spammers or any Twitter account which becomes recognised for suggesting stories too frequently will be “quietly ignored”.  However, should a story you have suggested make it onto Techmeme, you will be given credit for the share as below.



This little nugget of news comes soon after founder Gabe Rivera announced they would be bumping up the “human editing” aspect of Techmeme which had previously been known as an automated site with news selected based on a carefully calculated algorithm – looks like they’re going to be busy.

Ok so here goes nothing, my first suggestion to Techmeme…Yes yes, i know it’s mine…It’ll be rare , I promise.


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