Tired: Will it Blend. Wired: Will it Shred!

Tired: Will it Blend. Wired: Will it Shred!

Watch it Shred!: BoatThe Blendtech “Will it Blend” video’s were considered THE viral internet entertainment hit of 2008. For 2009 we seem to have a new contender.

Going bigger, better and stronger the people at SSI, a manufacturer of industrial strength shredders are shredding pianos, bowling balls, shopping Carts,  refrigerators, hard disk and, in an act of gadget cannibalism: another shredder!

And entertaining it is!


Shred that suckers!!!

Well, okay, that iPhoneG3 blend was kinda funny.
Here it is ONE more time:


What is your favorite Blend/Shred video?

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