Dutch social bookmarking service Bemba closes shop

Dutch social bookmarking service Bemba closes shop

Eleven months after Aaron Peters and Arne Dibbits pushed Bemba in the open beta phase, the social bookmarking service heads to the feared deadpool. 15 minutes ago, Peters used a “Tweet bomb” to share the bad news with his 278 followers:

Twitter / bemba

It’s sad to see Bemba leave the social bookmarking stage. The two kind guys aimed for people who don’t why complicated services, they just want to get the job done. After users have installed the Bemba plugin — there’s no bookmarklet — they can share anything entertaining they find on social networks with just two clicks.

Apparently, this didn’t appeal to enough people for Bemba to survive these harsh economic times. I wish the Dutch entrepreneurs all the best with their future endeavors.

Let me conclude with a quote by Benjamin Franklin:

‘I haven’t failed, I have had 10,000 ideas that didn’t work.’

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