Caught in the act: Plugg Copy Paste Crimes!

Caught in the act: Plugg Copy Paste Crimes!

Hey Robin! If you are too lazy to build your own forms at least make sure you change the details!

One of our friends checked out the sign-up form at and noticed that one of the examples listed our Office address. He checked the source code and sure enough; Plugg copied our Start-up Rally form!

Plugg - Form
That street address example is our street address!
That Postal code is our postal code!

And just to remove any doubt, this is what it says in the source code:


Don’t you know: Creativity is knowing how to hide your sources!

But seriously: Plugg is a great event and if you are considering going we can highly recommend it. The sign-up form for the Plugg Startup Rally is here and ticket sales are here. And check out their excellent site here too.

PS: just so you know, Plugg and The Next Web are media partners and ♥ each other!

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