#myfirstjob: the last time Twitter felt like a community

#myfirstjob: the last time Twitter felt like a community

Twitter is getting more mainstream, that’s a fact. With hundreds of celebrities, politicians and tv hosts promoting the service, it’s only a matter of months till your most non-web-savy friends use it. While you’re now still surprised to hear somebody mentioning Twitter in a random bar, it will become as normal as talking about emails.

(1) #myfirstjob - Twitter SearchWith the first thousands realizing this, a new trend seems to appear: the need to create a community feeling. It will be a short hype, as people will soon realize the service is too big for it already, but for now it’s fun.

The most salient example is #myfirstjob. Thousands of Twitter users share the experiences of their first job. The stream of stories in Twitter search is fascinating to read and gives you some sort of community feeling. We, Twitter users, can share this with folks all over the world.

Maybe one or two similar initiatives will pop up, but I’m pretty sure these are the last community-like experiences you’ll have on Twitter. Enjoy it while it lasts.

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