Facebook Now Lets You Filter Your News Feed By Friend List

Facebook Now Lets You Filter Your News Feed By Friend List

picture-191Facebook have just released an update which lets you customize your News Feed content by friend list.

The news feed is usually the first page you see on logging in and in my opinion, quite possibly the most valuable page on the site.

The new feature is a great way to now just see updates from just a certain set of friends rather than your ALL your friends.  You can also filter by application feeds such as Friendfeed and any other applications which have feeds integrated within them. 

After recently severely restricting who I add as friends on Facebook, I craved this feature as I desperately just wanted to see updates from Friends who I actually wanted to keep in touch with – rather than my “web buddies” who I was virtually in touch with all day every day via the various twitter-like services we all use. I would be delighted to see the option of setting a “default friend list” on Facebook, should save an awful lot of time when you’re just looking to see updates from a particular set of Friends.

Currently it is only your “news feed” which can filter by list but hopefully Facebook will incorporate the functionality in Status Updates, Photos and the Live Feed soon too.

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