Are we still before the corporate blogging revolution?

Are we still before the corporate blogging revolution?

Just out of curiosity; how many corporate blogs do you read? Actually, the number of corporate blogs in my feed is rather limited. While blogging seemed an exciting alternative to the one-way advertising through print and radio – allowing a dialogue with customers perhaps a community of people interested in the activities, the amount of success stories seem to be pretty small. Why would that be? Isn’t blogging just awesome, and shouldn’t every company start doing it to get in touch with their customers? Granted, blogging is not always peaches and cream, actually the chance of a blog backfiring is pretty big, especially if a company doesn’t understand the fundamentals behind blogging. A school example of this is the failed Walmart blog.

How wallmart did it wrong

Wallmart lacked transparency when they launched their blog called “Wal-Marting across America”. The problem was that it looked like a consumer operation at first, a cross county adventure of two anonymous wallmart shoppers. Instead, they were professionals hired by Wallmart, creating a flow of angry customers that realized that the blog was manufactured. Instead, they should have communicated that the blog was operated by themselves, perhaps aiming for a community that actually generates new idea’s for the corporations!

Successful blogs

I believe Microsoft Yahoo and Google have done a great deal in creating a engaging blog, take Microsoft for example (read more)

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