iGoogle ThemeMaker is Simple but Pretty Cool!

iGoogle ThemeMaker is Simple but Pretty Cool!


I tried the new iGoogle ThemeMaker yesterday not because I use iGoogle and not because I plan to, but simply because I love to customize

The new ThemeMaker currently allows you to do two things; i) change the top background image and ii) change the colour theme for the widget headers.

You can see what I created on the right there but I do have to make clear that it wasn’t easy. You need to make sure both the width and the height of the image is as closely aligned to iGoogle and your screens measurements as possible. Fortunately, Lifehacker‘s Kevin Purdy was clever enough to write these measurements down and I quote:

Crop the picture yourself in your own editor to the width of the desktop you normally start iGoogle from (1680 pixels, in my case) and no taller than 175 pixels (that might just be my system’s specs, but seems to work on different monitors). You might not have many pictures that crop easily into a super-wide strip, but those that do tend to look pretty neat.

It really is worth spending the time on it (if you use the service) as you can see the result is pretty good.

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