The Next Web Newsletter Archive

The Next Web Newsletter Archive

What if YOU owned the web? 2014 Received:2009Earlier this year we started sending out a weekly update to our readers. We like the newsletter  because we reach an extra audience and it works like a reminder for people to visit the site or read the RSS feed.

Since a few weeks we also include more content in our newsletter that we don’t publish to the site. This to give our subscribers and readers more incentive to also subscribe to the newsletter.

There are now more than 4000 subscribers and we are growing fast. I wrote here earlier about MailChimp, the solution we use to manage and deliver the newsletter. This weekend they upgraded to a new version of their software which made me discover an easy way to present our readers with an Archive of all the previous newsletter we sent out.

So, today I present to you; our Newsletter Archive!

It is convenient to look up stuff you read about earlier but can’t find now or to send a link to someone if you want to share information but don’t want to forward the newsletter.

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