There’s your Twitter authority list: Retweetist

There’s your Twitter authority list: Retweetist

RetweetistWhen Jon Wheatly launched his authority-based Twitter search mash-up, the tech blogosphere started discussing which factors determine one’s authority on the microblogging service. Several bloggers mentioned the number of retweets – the reposting of someone else’s post because you can appreciate it. Since then, retweeting became the new Twitter hype. Out of the blue, every body started giving each other credit for tweets.

This has given the idea of retweets as an authority factor even more authority. Thus the new app by Mike Sheetal – our beloved webtipr from Tokyo – might become an important top list for Twitter. Sheetal developed Retweetist, a site on which you can check which URL’s and tweets are the most retweeted. More importantly, you can also check who gets retweeted the most.

So this is the top list of the last 24 hours. Combine it with the Top 10,000 of Twittercounter and you got your ultimate Twitter Top list.

Retweetist - Users

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