Updates to GMail on Their Way!

Updates to GMail on Their Way!

gmail-logo-google-tmSure Google may be shutting up shop on a few services, but updates to GMail are on their way. CNet were fortunate to speak to GMail’s Product Manager Todd Jackson and discovered a few neat updates making their way to your inbox (if you’re a gmail user) very soon.

Firstly, updates allowing users to send files larger than 20MB. I’m desperately hoping Google introduce a desktop tool of some sort, allowing for the transfer of large files via your gmail account. Hopefully speeding up transfers and completing transfers should you lose your connection.

Secondly, GMail is also planning on implementing higher resolution, 640 x 480 pixel video chat.

Thirdly, and the feature I’m most looking forward to, an improved contact manager allowing you detect and remove duplicate contacts.

Last but not least, a bunch of new themes are on their way – about time too.

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