Tumblr Releases Version 5! And it is GOOD.

Tumblr Releases Version 5! And it is GOOD.

picture-113Tumblr the tumblelog/blogging platform has released the 5th iteration of it’s service. Tumblr v5, as they are calling it, has a whole host of enhancement and new features.

  • As always, they’ve made a few design tweaks to enhance usability and enjoyment.
  • Introduces a brand new tumblr Radar which lets you search the entire Tumblr network, with glorious visual results.
  • You can watch posts as they are posted on the new full screen map
  • Redesigned Tumblr directory
  • New feature called “Trends”, similar to Twitter in that it gives you a good idea how popular a certain word is across the tumblr network. You can also compare words such as Canon vs. Nikon vs. Leica which is very cool.
  • Finally, the new “Theme Garden” lets you easily install and contribute themes – this should be very popular.

Also, still no comments – but thankfully with Disqus, that’s taken care of.

Here’s a video giving you an overview of the new release:

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