Why We ♥ MailChimp

Why We ♥ MailChimp

A few months ago we were looking for a newsletter solution. We wanted a simple, dynamic, scalable and Web2.0 style newsletter management service. We asked around and several people told us to check out MailChimp. We did, and we got hooked.

Since then our newsletter has been growing with hundreds of subscribers every week and we are now sending out our weekly update to more than 4000 people. The design, reporting and management tools are just a pleasure to work with and are even available via the iPhone.

Amanda Lauter @ MailChimp

We have also gotten to know the people behind MailChimp a little better. They featured us in one of their MailChimp Case studies as an example of a company that uses their service. Then we launched TwitterKeys and they wrote something about that. Then they bought a 125 x125 to advertise here. In a few weeks Amanda Lauter, my contact at MailChimp, is visiting Europe and I will make her dinner at our house.

In other words. This is not an unbiased post about MailChimp!

This weekend (Jan 17th at 12am) MailChimp is upgrading to version 4 which is a big upgrade which I expect a lot from. Here is a video detailing some of the new features. It also gives you a quick look at MailChimp’s interface so if you don’t know it yet this is a good opportunity to check it out:

Here are all the improvements they are implementing in Version 4:

– Easier Signup Forms: Drop-downs & Hidden Fields!
– Geographical Open Reports
– Click Overlay
– Batch Modify & Batch Unsubscribe
– RSS Scheduling Options
– Import Campaign via URL
– Import Campaign via ZIP
– Salesforce, Highrise & Paypal Integration
– Wufoo Integration
– Social Sharing
– New Template Headers
– New languages
– “Remember Me” Checkbox on Login Page
– Plain-Text Generator Tweaks
– Smarter Databases

MailChimp is one of those applications we couldn’t live without and are proud to work with. So proud that we happily recommend it to anyone we talk to. If you want to check it out visit their website or click their button in the sidebar here.

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