Swedish geeks gather for 24 hours to build 52 services

Swedish geeks gather for 24 hours to build 52 services

Be prepared for an avalanche of new Swedish start-ups. In about a week, in the middle of the dark Swedish winter, around 90 Swedish Internet entrepreneurs will combine forces for 24 hours and produce 52 new web services.

Ted Valentin

The 24-hours-to-build-a-start-up approach has been pretty popular, yet with the 24 hour business camp, the Swedes take it to another level.

After a luxurious teppanyaki dinner, a good night’s rest, and some relaxation, the spa and conference center Hasseludden Yasuragi will be the scene for an army of Scandinavian geeks.

Why? Because founder Ted Valentin, a Swedish internet entrepreneur, wants to encourage other people to build their own start-ups. He was inspired by the 24 hour dot com, a similar but smaller event that took place in Berlin in 2004.

The whole event will be documented on the live blog, where videos and short interviews will be posted throughout these 24 hours.

Let’s hope the new web services aren’t all Twitter mash-ups…

(Hat tip: Henrik Berggren)

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