Amazee: it’s time to go viral. Hello Facebook app

Amazee: it’s time to go viral. Hello Facebook app
Dania (CFO) & Gregory Gerhardt (CEO) from
Dania & Gregory Gerhardt from at Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco

The launch of Switzerland-based social collaboration network Amazee in September 2008 was perfectly timed. Founders Mr. and Mrs. Gerhardt wanted to help people making their dreams, ideas, and goals come true. Yes, they wanted to change our lives. And that very word, change, was pretty popular back then – for obvious reasons.

People are still in the “yes we can” mood. Especially those who are active in the world of Web 2.0. Those Facebook users, YouTube adapts and Twitter influentials have had a large share in the election of Barack Obama. So Amazee can use this sentiment to promote their start-up. It’s time to reach the masses, it’s time to go viral. Yes, we can.

In comes the Facebook app. Users of the popular social network now have the possibility to express their commitment to the good cause through a tab called “Amazee”. On this app page, they can promote the causes they stand for. Here’s the page of co-founder and CEO Gregory Gerhardt:

Facebook | Gregory Gerhardt

In the press release, he says: “With the new Amazee application Facebook will become even more of a platform for effective social change. On the other hand, Amazee project initiators can easily reach out for the ever growing Facebook community to gain attention for their cause and find the necessary support in order to reach their set goals.”

Although the app is a bit plain now, there’s enough potential to turn it into something big. Add a “Donate” button and fund raising 2.0 can begin. As long as you promise change, you’re on the good track.

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