LG: Let’s combine a 3G phone and a watch

LG: Let’s combine a 3G phone and a watch

During the last few years, technology has merged many devices. Some combinations are insanely genius, like the nifty packed smartphone on your desk for example, and the fellow who invented the microwave-oven combination should get an award too! But other product mergers are just ridiculous, some need time. What do you think about the following:

A week after CES, *after the Palm PRE storm*, I’m still receiving new gadgets and innovations in my mail and RSS feeds from this event. Not particular suited for a story but the following made me interested for a very particular reason, I’d like to explain to you why. No longer should mankind have to look in two separate places to look at a watch and a 3G phone! This is a LG Watch Phone G-GD910. It’s a phone and a watch at the same time! This thing comes complete with a 1.43-inch LCD touch-screen, Bluetooth, 3G connectivity, and a built in camera.

I hear you think: This is just another product demo of a product we will continue to see demonstrated at fairs over the years but NEVER see in the store. And you are probably right. The phone watch is also not exactly a Breitling. The device is über geeky, it reminds me of those calculator watches from the 90s. Style tip: Leave this device in the store. (If it gets there)

However, my geeky heart started pounding when I realized that this device serves a multimedia device at all times. The watch is excellent to use for sports, esp. for the runners out there! The 3g functionality makes it a great tracing device as well! After all, there is a little Bond in all of us! (read more)


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