The best User Interface comes from a whiteboard

The best User Interface comes from a whiteboard

GuiMagsAre you building a start-up and trying not to become another victim of the credit crunch? You’re bootstrapping, working 12 hours, and haven’t seen anything different than a pizza for 10 months. You probably don’t have money to hire a user interface expert, but you do desperately need those potential users to sign up.

Here’s a tool, one you can really touch, that might make this process more fun, and maybe easier. It’s called GuiMags and consists of little form magnets you can drag around the white board. Who needs Balsamiq if you can use a black marker?


Maybe you’re the digital-minded kinda a guy, but I’m sure most people still have the best brainstorm ability when they have a pen or marker in their hand. That takes away some barriers and unleashes creativity. Plus, your whiteboard never looked so cool.

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