For all your blog visitors without a Gravatar…

For all your blog visitors without a Gravatar…

There’s a new breakthrough in the battle against the blank avatars in the comments section of a Gravatar-compatible blog. Smashing Magazine asked Ricardo Sousa, a young designer with a strong passion for WordPress and Joomla!, to develop a plugin that pulled the avatar from a different service.

Have you ever heard of that micrblogging service Twitter? Supposedly, quite a lot of blog readers are active over there. Hence Sousa’s decision to compare a commenter’s email address with Twitter. If the plugin finds a similar email address, it displays the Twitter avatar. Genius, uh?

Here’s how it looks. Like it? Download the plugin from Smashing Magazine.

Twitter Avatars In Comments WordPress Plugin | Developer's Toolbox | Smashing Magazine

Add a few more services and the blank Gravatars are history. By the way, we’ll include avatars in our upcoming redesign. Stay tuned, happy blogging.

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