Posterous Keeps Getting Better. Launches Post by Moderation.

Posterous Keeps Getting Better. Launches Post by Moderation.

posterous-logoNow on first glance, you may wonder what exactly is so exciting about “post by moderation”?? Surely this is something which should have been integrated from the beginning. Well, this is why it’s exciting – the feature is for “group blogs”. Still confused? Let me explain…

Posterous is a blogging platform just like wordpress, typepad and others. How it distinguishes itself is that it focuses primarily on blogging via email and therefore making the process much simpler to use and open to anyone who knows how to send an email, Grandma.

Last month, the startup launched “group blogs” which allow for numerous editors to edit/post to the same blog. With this new update, a blog such as Posterous Recipes for example can hand out an email address, people can send in their recipes and simply moderate the various recipe posts they receive. It really couldn’t be much simpler and with the right idea, you could potentially have a great site with contributions from tens, hundreds or even thousands worldwide. I am curious as to how they’re protecting users from floods of spammers but it is curiosity rather than a possible flaw, these guys know what they’re doing.

If you haven’t at least tried Posterous out yet, you need to. Posting via email has never felt so good.

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