How an iPod can be the start of a glorious career

How an iPod can be the start of a glorious career

While Nicolas Negroponte tries to find an affordable solution for e-learning in developing countries, some educational institutes try to find one for the western world.

I know it’s not a Touch, but hell, what a funny pic

A class of year 8 students at Shepparton High School in central Victoria in Australia is currently participating in a global mobile learning project. They’re not using the XO laptop as their gear, but an iPod Touch. First results – whatever they’re worth, as it’s test group of 8 persons- show that school work has increased attendance and increased enthusiasm for homework.

After some time of getting used to – students weren’t as savvy as the initiators expected – kids used the shiny devices for searching the web, downloading music, participating in quizzes, submitting assignments and collaborating with a school in Singapore. Yeah! I’d have come to school for that too.

Founder of the project, Louise Duncan, says that the iPod is a lot cheaper than your average laptop. Plus it allowed students to tailor information and stay focused in class. I think it’s a brave and good step to find new ways that might appear scary – the thought of using an entertainment device -, but in the end make class more attractive for kids.

And it’s great promotion for Apple…

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