Whois for Twitter! Who knew?

Whois for Twitter! Who knew?

Although many of you probably use mobile or desktop clients such as Twibble or Tweetdeck to access Twitter, if you are using Twitter in your browser, and want to find out a little more about a Twitter user, there’s a faster way than visiting their profile.


Just type ‘whois username‘ into the twitter status field when logged in, and hit the [Update] button. (You don’t need the @ character preceeding username.)

Voila! You’ll be presented with the Name, Date of joining, Biography and URL for that user.

All that’s missing perhaps is the ability to immediately follow that user, or go to their profile page with a simple link – but it’s a quick way to check who’s who. Try it for yourself – [Open Twitter WHOIS in new Window] Simple. Nice. Who knew?

(Thanks to @andrewburnett for the tip, retweeted via @tomcritchlow from an original by @robousbey)

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