YouTube on the Big Screen. What a Wonderful Idea!

YouTube on the Big Screen. What a Wonderful Idea!

foto_webscreenYou’ve got to love the Dutch, never running out of ideas and seemingly always a step ahead when it comes to innovation. This time they’ve turned their hands to a worlds first, YouTube at the Cinema, cleverly titled Upload Cinema.

Upload Cinema IS a wonderful idea. A members only film club that takes the best web films and displays them on the big screen for weekly get-togethers. Shown every Monday on a full-sized screen at the De Uitkijk theater in Amsterdam, the idea is to offer a feature length stream of internet shorts based on a particular theme.

According to Barbara de Wijn and Dagan Cohen, Upload Cinema’s founders:

Upload Cinema wants to take this exciting new way of making and sharing film out of the domestic realm, away from the internet and the tiny computer screen and into a space that’s designed for a collective experience: the cinema.

Sponsored by Amsterdam advertising agency Draftfcb, Upload Cinema is by invitation only, however you can apply for membership here.
Also, if you fancy setting up an Upload Cinema in your town/city, see details at the bottom of the page here.

Hopefully, the comments at the event are a bit more tasteful than the ones you’ll find at the bottom of a YouTube video page!


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