iPhoto vs Picasa. The battle is on.

iPhoto vs Picasa. The battle is on.

m1231262517Earlier today we drew your attention to the release of Picasa for the Mac, well now Apple has made the next move and it hasn’t waited around, they’ve released iLife 09 with a variety of spanking new features.

The three most unique being:

Faces. An intriguing addition to the application allowing you to organise your photo collection by the people in the photos! Although not perfect, it’s far better than even I could have expected on viewing the demo.

Places. A way to instantly view your photos based on where they were taken. Thanks to built-in GPS and ironically Google maps, iPhoto translates the latitude and longitude into recognisable places.

Facebook Integration. iPhoto integrates with Facebook allowing you to tag the people in your photos with your friends names from Facebook. Definitely something i’m looking forward to incorporating.

Other new features worth mentioning include;

i) iPhoto has brand new slideshow themes bringing life to your photos and the slideshows can then be saved onto your iPhone or touch!

ii) Smart folders to organise your photos as you wish.

I have to say, I am highly impressed with this new release. For a split second there, I had abandoned the idea of using iPhoto and focused on a future with Picasa… Where do your photos belong?

photo via MacRumors

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