Get back to work!

Get back to work!

lovemyjobThat is it! Party time is over!
No more champagne and stuffed turkey.
Back to the drawing board!

It is now January 5th and there are no excuses left to NOT work on that beautiful start-up you vowed to start in the new year.

We here at The Next Web Blog and Conference are eager to start the year and work on some exciting projects for you. We will keep reporting on anything that is of any interest for the International Internet Professionals reading this blog and we have already started preparing for the fourth edition of The Next Web Conference

This years edition of our conference which will take place on April 15, 16 and 17 in 2009 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We will launch the official site and start selling tickets in only a few weeks.

We hope you will enjoy our blog even more in 2009 than you did in previous years and keep commenting and sending in news and tips.

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