Destroy Twitter – A Slick but Featureless Twitter Client.

Destroy Twitter – A Slick but Featureless Twitter Client.

picture-10Today saw the release of the beta of Destroy Twitter, a new twitter client built on adobe AIR and therefore available on all platforms.

It’s an elegantly designed application but doesn’t seem to offer too many of the bells and whistles (yet) that clients like Tweetdeck or Twhirl do. In fact, I would say it offers no new features and few benefits over any of the major twitter clients out there, however, for a newbie or someone who just looking for a basic, simple, well designed UI (a la Twitterrific) – give this a try.

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You can download the app here or visit the site for more info.


Thanks to Cee Bee on Friendfeed for the heads up.

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