Dabbleboard, the Collaborative Whiteboard, Goes Pro. More Reasons to Give it a Try.

Dabbleboard, the Collaborative Whiteboard, Goes Pro. More Reasons to Give it a Try.

picture-1Dabbleboard, a collaborative online whiteboard has just left beta and released a ‘pro’ version of their web application.

Dabbleboard is innovative, with some genuinely impressive features there to make your life easier. One of the most interesting of which, highlighted in the video below, is the feature provided to ensure you aren’t dragging your mouse back and forth continuously between the toolbar and white space just to change the type of diagram you may want to draw, or to just insert some text. That’s not all, with a library of objects available for your use, a library of previously created Dabbleboard’s available for you to edit and collaborative features which let you watch, real time, as someone else makes changes – Dabbleboard is an impressive undertaking.

Today, however, marks the launch of the application’s premium features turning it into a full fledged business. Founder Zohair Hyder announced the features late yesterday, which include; SSL access, the ability to download SVG files of your dabbleboard, extensive permission controls, use of your own logo as well as priority support. For devoted/team users of the app, the new features should be very useful. With plans ranging from $8 for individuals up to $200+ for groups of 200 and more, you should find it a plan for you which won’t break the bank.

Still unsure if there sites is worth a visit, I highly recommend watching the video below.

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