Turkish Web TV provider MYK Medya finds investor with huge network

Turkish Web TV provider MYK Medya finds investor with huge network

logoOn the last day of this very productive year for web business in Turkey, a big investment & partnership news was just announced. Serdar Kuzuloğlu, founder of MYK Medya, posted an article on his personal blog about the incident. Couple of weeks after Adhood (a Turkticaret.net company) started to sell ADs for MYK Medya, Turkticaret.net, which has many different services like domain trade, hosting, ecommerce solutions and partnerships with Turkcell, Alibaba etc., now joins the team as an investor.

MYK has three online products, which are televidyon; a web TV with 9 online channels, all shot, cut and published by the MYK crew, yahoyt, a tech-focused news portal and kaybolduk.biz, a getlost-discover-share platform in cooperation with Nokia. Kuzuloğlu says that they invested more than EUR250K just into their studios last year. A little older than a year, MYK is now 11M SERDAR KUZULOGLU people and wasn’t funded before, meaning they were profitable from the start. They simply bootstrapped with consultancy jobs and the main revenue at the moment comes actually from adverstisements.

The partnership, where the invested amount is kept secret, means not only extra cash for MYK. Turkticaret.net is one of the oldest players the Turkish scene has to offer and they own domains like mobil.tv or web.tv, MYK will also be involved in projects that will use these domains. MYK owns a single studio at the moment, plans to have more in 2009 and to raise the channel amount to 25, according to the announcement written by Kuzuloğlu.

Serdar Kuzuloğlu is one of the key characters in the Turkish web scene, well known and respected by the new generation of entrepreneurs. After a long carrier as a technology editor at Doğan Medya, he became the Director of New Generation Services, managing the whole web, mobile and IPTV vision of Doğan Holding, which owns pretty much the half of Turkish old school media. After 11 months at that position, he left Doğan Holding and focused on MYK.

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