You like WordPress 2.7? Help making 2.8 even better!

You like WordPress 2.7? Help making 2.8 even better!

When you’re blogging every damn day of the week, WordPress becomes your main living environment. Thus a little disclosure would be correct. If you feel my reports about WordPress are a little bit over the top (maybe ecstatic), it’s only because I spent too much time working with it. Now that we’ve got that out of our way: let’s talk about WordPress 2.8.

wordpressIn an article on the official WordPress blog, Jane “working on experience stuff” Wells writes that after 600,000 WordPress 2.7 downloads, it’s about time to work on WordPress 2.8. Screw Christmas, let’s prioritize. That’s basically her message.

Instead of chewing away turkey, you better complete the WordPress 2.8 survey before noon on December 31, 2008 UTC. In this long list, you can rate which new possible feature you’d like the best. Do you prefer an “Embedded theme browser/installer” or will a “Threaded view in comments admin for replies” improve your work flow? Cast your votes at Polldaddy’s.

Oh and you know what? The best thing of the story is that you don’t have to manually upgrade WordPress anymore. Just hit an ok button, and 2.8 will be yours.

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