Mac versus PC, the battle continues on Twitter

Mac versus PC, the battle continues on Twitter

Looking for some humor during the work day? Try following MACvPC, a Twitter account based on the famous Mac ads in which a typical cool dude (representing an Apple) makes fun of a sloppy corporate guy (a PC). Those chats are now continuing on Twitter.

Here’s the Twitter account bio:

Hi, I’m Mac. I’m cool, fun, easy, and I voted for Obama. Hello, I am PC. I am hard working, always on the job, and I voted for McPalin.

According to their Twitter location, Mac and PC are currently enrolled in a “12 Step Dueling Personality Issues Program”. They have enough time to chat though, considering the large amounts of funny updates. Like this one:


MACvPC only has 329 followers now – but believe me, it will be a HIT! Especially since the people behind the account makes the effort of replying to almost everybody. Who doesn’t want to hear a joke based on your own remark?

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