Embed Any File or URL with Embedit.in

Embed Any File or URL with Embedit.in

picture-131From the team at Increo, creators of online feedback tool Backboard, comes Embedit.in. Based on the technology built for Backboard itself, the team have released a deceptively simple tool which lets you upload virtually any document, URL, image or text file and have it converted into an embeddable flash player which can be placed onto any website.

The player itself as you can see below is pretty slick, and can be expanded to various sizes by altering the dimensions in the embed code. You are also able to view the documents/image/text file in full screen by clicking the icon to the bottom right of the player.

What’s more, the service is completely free and all you need to get it working is an open id, Gmail, AOL or Yahoo account. Bravo Increo.

Example of PDF embedding:

Example of URL embedding:

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