StickyScreen. Absurdly Simple Reminders.

StickyScreen. Absurdly Simple Reminders.


StickyScreen is an incredibly simple site which takes the concept of “sticky note” reminders and puts it on the web for you.

The site is simply a url with a dark grey background and elegantly placed sticky note in the center of the screen. On that sticky note is an editable short paragraph of text (3 lines) which is where you place your reminder.

The idea being you use StickyScreen as your homepage (or for whenever you open a new tab) to remind you to do whatever it is you want to remind yourself to do. :)

No login/plugin is required as everything is stored in a browser cookie. Looking for something a little more feature rich, try iGoogle’s Web Sticky Mod.

It might infringe on it’s simplicity but I do like the idea of having a login to enable more functionality. For example, it would be great to have this possibly on the iPhone/Mobile wallpaper/screensaver. I would also love it if someone else edit the sticky to leave reminders for me – now, that would be useful.

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