Google’s SearchWiki Comes to the UK

Google’s SearchWiki Comes to the UK

picture-8After being released to the US, Google SearchWiki is now available to the UK. Whether you love it or hate it, the integration seems slick and hardly intrusive despite some criticism. One of the major critiques appears to be the spam found in the comments of a number of the more popular links, whilst many others just seem to not even bother using it.

In their original blog post, Google are hoping users will use the feature to bump up results which matter to them saving time and improving results in the longer run. Although “bumping’ has no effect on other users results, it’s highly likely the main objective is to further improve organic search results across the web based on the actions of it’s users.

Although my research has found that most people have barely touched the feature, I feel in the longer term this could prove to drastically improve results for us, the user. Like many new features uptake may be slow – particular ones that affect tools we have come to enjoy as they are – however in time I’m certain we’ll reap the benefits of the feature.

Of course, if you simply can’t stand the change – here are one or two ways to disable it until Google officially provides the option.

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