Croatia based Shout’Em raises €350.000

Croatia based Shout’Em raises €350.000

Flickr Photo Download: LeWeb'08 - ParisIvan Brezak Brkan, Chief Evangelist for Shout’Em, just announced that they have raised €350.000 in seed funding from Bicro Ltd. Bicro is not a regular venture capitalist but a goverment founded 30 million Euro seed fund to support innovation and technology advacement in Croatia.

We earlier reviewed Shout’Em (Shout’Em = Roll your own Twitter) and were slightly skeptical at the chance of success for this service. We ‘rolled our own Twitter’ which you can check out here: The Next Web Shout’Em. As you can see that particular network didn’t get a lot of attention from us or our members. Mashable also set-up their own network (Mashable Shout’Em) but, even with their enormous audience, that network contains no interesting content.

It might just be that Shout’Em is more popular with companies and educational organizations as a sort or Intranet solution than with blog communities. They currently have more than a 1000 private networks and are planning to launch mobile applications for the Apple iPhone, Windows Mobile and Android platforms soon. The platform also seems to be hot in emerging markets such as Russia, China and South America.

Ivan  describes Shout’Em as the ‘Ning for microblogging’ which sounds ambitious and promising. They do however have to compete with Twitter, Yammer and all the other microblogging networks out there.

For now; congratulations on raising money in such tough times and good luck with the service.

To our readers; Try to post your comments in our  The Next Web Shout’Em. Lets give it one more try!

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