New in Labs: Turn Your Emails into Google Docs

New in Labs: Turn Your Emails into Google Docs

create_a_docGoogle have just announced a neat little labs feature which lets you turn your emails into Google docs at the touch of a button. Whether it be a interesting forward or possibly an in depth conversation, simply click”Create a document” and the email will automatically be converted into a Google Docs document for your editing pleasure.

To enable the feature you’ll need to select “Enable” next to “Create a Document” in Gmail Labs settings, finally make sure you “Save Changes”. On any email message simply click the “Create a Document” link to the right message and there you have it.

For an even slicker way of doing the same thing; ensure you have shortcuts enabled in general settings and whenever you’re reading a message you’d like converted – type G then W.

Sure, you could copy and paste the text from the email into a new Google document, but where would be the fun in that? :)

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