Tweetwasters: are you wasting your life on Twitter?

Tweetwasters: are you wasting your life on Twitter?

I’m sorry, we’ve been posting an awfully lot about funny Twitter apps lately. The thing is, you seem to love them. Every post welcomes a wealth of comments. So here we go again:

With Tweetwasters you can calculate how much time you’ve wasted on the beloved microblogging service. This is the result for Robert Scoble:


As you can see, Tweetwasters counts thirty seconds per tweet. I think that’s a bit modest. First of all, most people take more time for a tweet than that (making it fit the character limit) and secondly, what about reading other person’s tweets? So to get a safe estimate, you might as well multiple the result by.. uhm… four.

Don’t forget to check out the Tweetwasters Hall of Fame, by the way. It’s far away for me, I’m no. 6832.

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