The GooseGrade competition: and the winner is….

The GooseGrade competition: and the winner is….

At the beginning of November, we launched a crowd-sourced copy-editing experiment called the GooseGrade competition. Here’s why:Gmail - gooseGrade competition on The Next Web results

Since most of our editors aren’t native English speakers, we’ve been obsessed with spelling and grammar. Every time we hit the publish button, we secretly hope no errors have slipped in. Next to being really careful, this fear also translated in some posts about 2.0 spelling tools. [..] Last week, long time Next Web reader Bob Boynton sent me a tool that has a new and effective approach to this spelling problem. GooseGrade crowdsources copyediting to readers. That’s right, everybody can easily correct grammar, spelling, factual, or style errors. Isn’t that a great idea?

The person making the most corrections before December 1st would win a Flip Video.

Well, after one month of facing a daily load of correction emails – we’re glad to announce a winner. In 194 posts, he managed to find 125 style, grammar errors, and typos. Not bad, Mr. Bob Boynton. You’ve left the competition far behind.

The man who came up with the idea – also won the prize. Sounds like a set-up. Enjoy the Flip Bob!

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