Dim Sum (and a smoke) with Marc Canter

Dim Sum (and a smoke) with Marc Canter

Last Friday we had Dim Sum with Marc Canter and decided to ask him a bit about MacroMind, the story behind the ‘Virus’ (See below) and some other stories. After that Marc took us to a typical Dutch “Koffieshop” to smoke a joint. The audio of that last bit is not very good because Patrick and me kept coughing.

What I could find on the original Virus story:

“The virus was inadvertantly passed to Aldus by Marc Canter, president of MacroMind Inc. of Chicago, which makes training disks for Aldus. [Canter’s personal machine caught the virus from a copy of Mr.  Potato Head and was later used to work on the training software for Aldus]

Without either Canter or Aldus realizing it, the computer virus was copied onto disks that were sold to consumers. When the comnsumers used the disks their computers became infected. 

The virus is thought to be harmless now. It was designed to pop up on Macintosh screens on March 2, the anniversery of the introduction of the  Apple Macintosh SE and Macintosh II.”

After our smoking adventure I felt so sick I went home. I think I’m sticking to hard drugs. Thanks to Patrick for videotaping everything and Marc for his stories.

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