TwitorFit: Hot or Not for Twitter

TwitorFit: Hot or Not for Twitter

I have to admit, twitorfit is puerile, silly, and quite useless. But I love it – it reminds me of when @bomega (edit: I’m @boris now!) announced he was an ‘influential twitter’ and I responded he might just be an influential twit. The idea has taken shape rapidly from a few ideas twittered recently – see the twitorfit blog.

The premise is very simple – you rate Twitter users, based on seeing their avatar photo, as ‘twit’ (low score) or ‘fit’ (high score). You can also ask people to rate you automatically when you vote, and see your own score. Vanity. Always popular.

Twit or Fit

I just updated my @clarocada avatar with a Christmas theme, and so far, am cursed by mediocrity at about 4.8! But my @certainhost avatar was proudly on the ‘twits list‘ last I checked. You can also find new people to follow on Twitter, naturally.

(A note for the Twit or Fit authors: It would be great to see an individual’s twitter biography, as well as their last tweet — this is what I often look at when deciding whether to follow or not).

UPDATE: My loyal readers and followers have taken my score down to 3.75 (and plummeting) and I have just noticed there’s a widget you can add. Please click to humiliate me further:-

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