No mobile Internet? Why not use a napkin for Twitter?

No mobile Internet? Why not use a napkin for Twitter?

Every country/ state/ city has its group of Twitter geeks who frequently meet-up to discuss life and have a beer or two. I sometimes attend these meetings in Amsterdam and love to check tweets the morning after. I’m always surprised by the detailed coverage of what’s nothing more than a good night of binge drinking.

However, in some countries mobile Internet hasn’t experienced its big breakthrough yet. Brazil is one of them. So what happens in the case of an offline tweetup?

Twittering on napkins…

There! I’ve said it! Posting offline updates on napkins really happen. Here’s the proof:


Are you as surprised as I am about the almost perfect Finder avatar imitation? The other friends of Lúcia Malla seem to have some problems with drawing though. What about a calligraphy book for Christmas?

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