84% of Corporate Blogs Lack Soul. And Suck

84% of Corporate Blogs Lack Soul. And Suck

The Influential Marketing Blog wants us to consider a piece of data that leads a new Forrester Research report (register to download): only one in six consumers (just 16%) trust company blogs. In other words, 84% of corporate blogs today probably suck.

Image representing Forrester Research as depic...I’m not surprised, most corporate blog I stumble upon are blogs without a soul, but with press releases. Moreover, the pieces of personal PR are often isolated, living a life within the .com domain of the company. No outgoing trackbacks, social media presence, or articles about phenomena outside the safe haven of the offices.

Therefore, Forrester Research argues that a blog has to be part of a larger social media strategy. Teach a PR person the fine art of community management 2.0. Give him a free pass for Twittering, Digging, Stumbling, and blogging all the day. Read Naked Conversations, for crying out loud.

Oh, and don’t forget to have a look at some fine examples. Quintura from Russia (read the story behind it here) and Digital Nomads by Dell (another story here).

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