Techcrunch to Europe: stop lunching and start working!

Techcrunch to Europe: stop lunching and start working!

There is a juicy post up on Techcrunch you should definitely check out. It is titled “Joie De Vivre: The Europeans Are Out To Lunch” and in it Michael Arrington looks back at Le Web ’08 and shares an observation with us. I quote:  

“the joy of life is great, but all these two hour lunches over a bottle or two of great wine and general unwillingness to do whatever it takes to compete and win is the reason why all the big public Internet companies are U.S. based. And those European startups that do manage to break through cultural and tax hurdles and find success are quickly gobbled up by those U.S. companies”

There are 100+ comments from mostly Europeans who feel attacked by the comparison. Read the article but make sure you check out those comments too!

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